200 people clash with German police as they try to escape quarantined



Residents of the German Tower have clashed with police in an attempt to escape isolation as the country fights new vulnerabilities in the case of coronavirus.

The clashes occurred after 200 people arrested 700 people in their apartment buildings in Gatteningen after they tried to file charges against the metal body.

Eight police officers were injured when residents threw stones and bottles at residents in Saturday's clashes, and a man was arrested last night.

Two people were locked up Thursday after being caught and 120 people were examined Friday.

Authorities used translators from German and Romanian to try and persuade residents to assess the need for the lock.

A few new Germans, including Gatting, posted their latest R-share in Germany from 0.86 to 2.88 in three days, and for the first time since March, the number has risen from week to week.

Authorities announced today that a man was arrested on Sunday evening after police discovered a disturbance, officials said.

No further violence was reported on Sunday, and some residents will be allowed to leave for groups outside of three groups if they have a negative test for a coronavirus.

Anyone leaving the building has to sign in and out and have a face mask on their way.

Authorities say they now want to provide more information to the tower block residents, some of whom do not know why they were in lockstep. Some of the inhabitants are Romanian.

Addis Mieraf
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