A 3 year old baby praying



my family and seeing so many amazing things that my children were wondering what they were seeing, and I was amazed at what I could do, arrived at ten, was there a place to worship closer to the protection of our environment? We asked, just looking in confusion, knowing that there was no space, we could just hang out there and bow down, right? We humbly replied, "When we got in our clothes and bowed down, we bowed down and gave him a bow. I started thinking, right away, and continued to visit, where we went straight to where the statue of Axum and the statue of Lalibela were carved into stone. He began to pull the image of the mosque in the corner, and I started to explain to him. Wish him that same place he would visit, that same desire should not be denied, but for that to happen, we have to do a lot of Muslim Ethiopian work, thanking him for "what we are doing!" With this in mind, when our own party showed a tendency to disregard Nejashi's name, I realized that I had to start our own struggle in Nejashi's case, and what I mean is that my brother should be careful not to break it when he is fighting.

Addis Mieraf
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