A 65-year-old woman has been blessed! | Special interview



 The 65-year-old resident of Addis Ababa reported that she was pregnant as a mother until the day of her birth.  The event also surprised residents of her neighborhood and the backyard of St. George's Church of Gerji Area; And it made him happy. Sedan, who is said to be a farmer and sells vegetables in small quantities, said he was old enough to have a baby and kissed him because of an abortion he had experienced years ago.

“It has been a long time since I stopped seeing menstruation,” said Sindu, who has been pleading with his creator to beg for a day to give him a baby. በስልክ On May 16, 2012, they spoke on the phone to their husband, who went to work feeling sick, complained, and told them to take their neighbors to a health center because they knew they had a common gastrointestinal disorder. Neighbors also take Mrs. Wheat to Victory Health Center in Gerji.


Addis Mieraf
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