Abebe's contraversial speech circulated in social media



We can either use the Nile or co-operate with Egypt, or the Nile can end up if the water sources are not taken care of by the Nile. Let's separate the people of Egypt from the politicians in Egypt. The community has learned that cooperation and environmental protection are necessary for sustainable use of the water. "... There are mosques in ... Egypt is not the only Islamic country.

It is also the country of many millions of Coptic Christians. Egyptian politicians use the Abyss case to stay in power. Egypt is a key country in the Middle East, the Arab world, the United States of America, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean. There is also a lesson from Egypt

They have a strong professional army. This army has repeatedly saved the country. Their politicians are following a fast track for the benefit of their country. They can be persuaded by their politicians to be radical, they are patriotic. They remain together when it comes to national interest, even if they are politically and religiously domesticated

Addis Mieraf
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