Anwar2u20 - O Muslims never miss your Salah (the prayer)


SALAH (Prayer), the second pillar of Islam - you cannot leave it. Five times a day you are obliged to do it&you cannot leave it for any reason. No reason. No excuse. There is a very severe penalty for leaving prayer. If you are sick&you don't fast there is no penalty. If you are poor&you have no money to give zakah there is no penalty. If you cannot afford to go to hajj there is no penalty.But for leaving salah there is a very high penalty - hellfire. Ma bayn al-kufr wal iman tark al-salah, - What is between belief and disbelief is leaving prayer. So there is no way, no excuse for any sick person, for a person with or without money, he or she has to pray. Five prayers. The sick person who cannot pray standing can sit and pray; who cannot pray sitting prays lying down, one who cant pray lying down may pray with his eyes. Salah has to be performed.Oh Muslims don't miss your salah due to work, job, studies, business or any other reason as it is better than all those worldly affairs and if you miss salah you will realize the loss in this world and more in akhirah. Know its importance.
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