Anwar2u20 - Precision of the Quran.. SubhanAllah what a miracle! by Nouman Ali Khan


SubhanAllah Quran is so miraculous. Each verse, each word is a miracle upon miracle."As tangible signs, Qur'anic verse are expressive of an inexhaustible truth, they signify meaning layered with meaning, light upon light, miracle after miracle."Bruce Lawrence. The Qur'an: A Biography. Atlantic Books, p 8.This is an extract from brother Nouman's tafsir on Surah QadrBrother Nouman's Tafsir on Juzz Amma (Sipara 30) of Quran is remarkable. He studied 50 plus classical tafsirs of Quran before coming up with his own.His Marvelous Tafsir on Juzz Amma can be downloaded from the following link
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