• Allahu Akber More than two million Muslim prayers at mekkah on the 27th Night

    More than two million Muslim faithful, including a large number of foreign pilgrims, attended taraweeh and qiyamullail prayers at the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday, despite the security arrangements for the Islamic summit.
    A large number of worshippers had assembled at the mosque from the early hours of the day to perform Umrah and attend special prayers marking the Lailat Al-Qadr, a night that is better than a thousand months.
    Saudi authorities had made all arrangements to ensure the security and comfort of pilgrims who have come from different parts of the world. The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques made arrangements for the supply of Zamzam water while the Makkah Municipality intensified its efforts to keep the city clean.
    Haram security forces maintained law and order inside and outside the Grand Mosque and prevented people from sitting in the walkways. They also helped pilgrims to reach the mataf (the circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba) to perform Umrah. Read more
  • Thousand's Of Muslims in India Mumbai protest condemn the alleged attacks on Muslims in Myanmar,Burma Killing

    everal Muslim organisations on Saturday staged a protest at Mumbai's Azad Maidan to condemn the alleged attacks on Muslims in Myanmar, an official said here on Saturday.

    Led by Raza Academy, an organisation working to promote Islamic culture, the protest was supported by other organisations like Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa. They also condemned the riots and violence in Assam.

    Sporting black badges, hundreds of members and activists of these organisations, converged at the Azad Maidan and expressed concern over the massacre of the Muslim community.

    Maulana Syed Moinuddin Ashraf, president of Jamia Qadriya Ashrafiya, has urged the the central and state governments to intervene.

    "It is the responsibility of the Congress government to protect the Muslims, and for that matter each and every citizen," said the Maulana, who is also known as Moin Miyan.

    "With regards to the massacre in Myanmar, we understand it is an external problem and that certainly should be taken care of, but what is happening in Assam reflects on the state of affairs of the country," he added.

    "A large number of Muslims have been rendered homeless and are now living in camps," said Raza Academy chairman Saeed Noorie.

    Noorie said they have already written to the government of Myanmar, the United Nations, the International Human Rights Organisation, Organisation of Islamic Countries, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to highlight the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar. Read more
  • UAE has called on the international community to help end the sectarian violence in Myanmar (burma)

    Abu Dhabi, Aug 11: The UAE has called on the international community to help end the sectarian violence in Myanmar.


    The UAE is "deeply concerned" about the ethnic violence in Myanmar that claimed hundreds of lives of Rohingya Muslims and left thousands of them homeless, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said.

    The international community should urge Myanmar to take steps to stop violence against the Rohingyas and acts that disregard principles of basic human rights and international conventions, Al Nahyan said in a letter addressed to the UN Security Council.

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  • AE has called on the international community to help end the sectarian violence in Myanmar (burma)

    Abu Dhabi, Aug 11: The UAE has called on the international community to help end the sectarian violence in Myanmar.




    The UAE is "deeply concerned" about the ethnic violence in Myanmar that claimed hundreds of lives of Rohingya Muslims and left thousands of them homeless, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said.

    The international community should urge Myanmar to take steps to stop violence against the Rohingyas and acts that disregard principles of basic human rights and international conventions, Al Nahyan said in a letter addressed to the UN Security Council.





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  • Saudi King Ordered to send 50 Million Dollars For Muslims of Burma

    Saudi Arabia gave 50 million dollars in aid to Muslim brethren in Myanmar. The Muslim community in Myanmar is allegedly being harassed and persecuted by majority Buddhist population.

    Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Abdullah has issued special directives for the aid to be provided to Rohingiyas community in Myanmar. Human rights activists say the authorities have been targeting the community since June for multiple reasons. Tens of thousands of Rohingiyas have also migrated to the neighboring Bangladesh to protect their lives and properties. However, they are not safe in Bangladesh as well because the government has barred different charity organizations from helping the community. Despite the public pressure, Bangladeshi government is not ready to accommodate the refugees.

    Myanmar security forces have also been targeting the community. Human Rights Watch said on August 1 that Rohingiyas had suffered mass arrests, torture and rape at the hands of the security forces. Saudi Arabia believes that financial assistance would help the community to lead their lives in the battered country. Why the community is being targeted in Myanmar? What is the actual problem and how can it be resolved? These are the questions that demand a comprehensive answer from any analyst. So I’m trying my best to put all the things straight on the record.

    There are more than 800,000 Rohingiyas living in Myanmar. The problem is the government of the volatile country is not ready to recognize them as citizens. So, anarchy comes automatic when government of a country denies recognizing a certain group of people as its citizens. In June this year, a massive crackdown was launched against Rohingiyas in Rakhine state and they were forced to leave the country. Women and young girls were raped, while a number of houses of the community were also set ablaze. The minority is suffering at the hands of the Buddhist majority, while security agencies of the state are collaborating with criminals. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is going to hold a summit in Mecca on Tuesday wherein the issue would be raised.

    The international community should also play a role in ending discrimination against Rohingiyas. Muslims across the globe feel that world powers only raise voice against human rights violations when something wrong is committed against Christians and Jews. There is need to change the perception, as it could seriously damage credibility of the world powers including the United States.

    StephenManual is based in New York City, New York, United States of America, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.
    Report Credibility
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  • Ethiopian Muslims Global Council ask Muslim Communities and Masjid Imams all over the World to make special prayer.

    We Ethiopian Muslims are writing to bring to your attention the plight  of Ethiopian 
    Muslims. Ethiopia (known in the time of Rasul-Alllah (saw) as Habesha) is the land of the first 
    Hijira, land of Luqmanel Hakeem, Bilal ibnu Rabaah, Ummu Aymen and others. The country that 
    once sheltered oppressed Muslims has long been turned oppressor to the same people to the 
    extent the world forget our existence. As a matter of fact, we are more than 50% of the 
    population of the country, however we are denied to freely practice, and reflect our Islamic 
    identity and all in all denied representation in any affairs of our country.
    Currently, the government of Ethiopia is leading a campaign in collaboration with the 
    handpicked so called “Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs” to indoctrinate all Muslims in the 
    country with the ideology of a sect called "Abdulah Al-harari’s Ahbash” and putting “Ahbash” in 
    charge of Islamic affairs at gun point. Muslims in the country and diaspora rose against forceful 
    indoctrination of this heretic group, the ahbash, and government interference in religious affair 
    as a violation of constitution of the country. Extremely peaceful protest has been going on for 
    more than 8 months in the capital, Addis Ababa, spread throughout the country and the 
    diaspora communities demanding simple and basic constitutional and universal rights of 
    Ethiopian Muslims. 
    In response to this exemplary peaceful protest, dubbed by some  media outlets as an 
    extremely peaceful struggle never witnessed any where in the world, even than the one followed
    by M. Ghandi and M. Luther King (junior), such protest has been taking place only in Masjids 
    after Juma’a prayers. Ironically, rather than positively answering the simple demands tabled by 
    the people, the government opted for brutally cracking-down on peaceful protesters, to the 
    extent of breaking into mesjids, beating up innocent worshipers, torturing, killing and mass 
    arrest, which intensified from the beginning of Ramadan. Furthermore, all Ramadan programs 
    such as Taraweeh prayer, handing out zakatulitr and sadaqa has been completely disrupted and 
    left the needy unattended. Currently the popularly elected 13 out of 17 Committees, Muslim 
    scholars, preachers, imams and other Muslims are imprisoned, continuously being tortured and 
    falsely accused of ‘extremism’ for nothing but for peacefully demanding for respect of the 
    constitutional rights.
    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters-in-Islam, we need you to hear our voice of appeal and 
    echo our demands so that we join hands and cry to Allah together to end the oppression of 
    Muslims. We request you in the name of Allah to make Qunut Dua’a after every Terawih and 
    Tahajud for Ethiopian Muslims and other oppressed fellows all over the world. Some countries 
    like Saudi Arabia have already started making dua’a for us and we Hope Allah will find some 
    pious Muslims in these ummah to accept our dua’a. May Allah grant you the best reward for 
    showing solidarity to your brethren Ethiopian Muslims?  
    Ethiopian Muslims Global Council
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  • CPJ calls for end to crack down on Ethiopian Muslim press

    August 10, 2012 (NAIROBI) - The authorities in Ethiopia must stop their crackdown on press coverage of Muslim protests in the capital Addis Ababa and allow Muslim news outlets freely report without fear, a press freedom advocacy group has said.

    The New York based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said the recent harassment of Muslim journalists and newspapers are part of an attempt by Ethiopian authorities to quell coverage of the ongoing protests in the capital.

    The group urged on Ethiopian authorities releases the recently jailed journalist and allow three banned Muslim news outlets to resume publishing immediately.

    "Ethiopia has reached a high level of harassment of the press by attempting to censor coverage of the protests," said CPJ East Africa Consultant Tom Rhodes.

    "The harassment of journalists and news outlets covering protests must stop, and Yusuf Getachew should be released immediately."

    On July 20, security forces raided the home of Yusuf Getachew, editor of YeMuslimoch Guday (Muslim Affairs), and confiscated his personal belongings including four of his mobile phones, his wife’s digital camera and 6,000 birr (US$334), according to CPJ sources.

    Yusuf remains Jailed at Maekelawi Federal Detention Center three weeks now, and is charged with treason and incitement to violence.

    Addis Ababa has for months been a scene of Muslim protests who complain government interference in religious affairs. An allegation Addis Ababa denies.

    Ethiopian authorities say the Muslim protesters are inspired by extremists’ thoughts and wish to turn nation into an Islamic state.

    Following clashes with police during the first days of Ramadan, the federal police accused the group of having hidden political mission.

    Police said the group of protesters are using the question of religion as a cover to meet own political agenda.

    Dozens of protesters were arrested after demonstration during the Africa union Summit held in Addis last month. They were accused of deliberately inciting violence to disrupt the AU Assembly.

    Ethiopian Muslims are estimated to represent around 40 percent of the country’s 81 million dominantly-Christian population.

    International press freedom groups have long been accusing the horn of African nation of intensifying censorship on press freedom and political dissidents by using vague and broadly defined Anti-terrorism proclamation and other “legal weapons” to silence critical reporting.

    Recently Ethiopian authorities blocked the publication of some 30,000 copies of a prominent independent newspaper, Fetehe, after the weekly paper had contents covering the health situations of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who had been receiving treatment in Europe over unspecified illness.

    Ethiopia officials said publication of the weekly paper was blocked on grounds of “inciting national insecurity and endangering the government and the public,”

    reported by sudan Tribune 

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  • Cairo yemigegnewu tawaqiwu website Ethiopia wust be mengest Block mederegun Gelets

     The Ethiopian government has blocked access to and other media websites over their coverage of Muslim protests against government interference in their religious affairs.

    “Many websites are blocked in Ethiopia,” sources told on condition of anonymity.

    Among blocked websites are and over their coverage of protests by Ethiopian Muslims in recent weeks

    Ethiopian Muslims have taken to the streets over the past weeks in protest at government interference in their religious affairs.

    “Only few websites like were following up and reporting the developments of the Ethiopians Muslim struggle,” the sources said.

    Ethiopian Muslims accuse the government of spearheading a campaign in collaboration with the umbrella Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (Majlis) to indoctrinate their community with the ideology of a sect called "Ahbash".

    The government of Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi has put the Ahbash in charge of the religious affairs of Ethiopia's Muslims.

    Muslims say the government move is in violation of the constitution, which prevents the government interference in religious affairs.

    Muslims also accuse the Ahbash of launching an "indoctrination program" in predominantly Muslim areas, forcing people to attend "religious training" camps or risk police interrogation and possible arrest.

    Founded by Ethiopian-Lebanese scholar Sheikh Abdullah al-Harari, Ahbash is seen by the West as a "friendly alternative" to Wahabi ideology, which the West sees as extreme and militant.

    Muslims say Ahbash imams are being brought over from Lebanon to fill the Majlis and teach Ethiopians that “Wahabis” are non-Muslims.

    Muslims make up about 34 percent of Ethiopia’s population.


    The censorship is seen as a desperate attempt by the Ethiopian government to prevent the issue of Ethiopian Muslim protests becoming more popular in the world.

    “The Ethiopian government authorities blocked the highly visited websites like and for fear that the Ethiopian Muslim issue will become more popular in the Arab and Muslim world,” the sources said.

    Ethiopia is notorious for Internet censorship.

    Last month, the Ethiopian government installed a system to block access to Tor network – a “hidden” layer of the Internet, used to allow anonymous online communications.

    In May, the government passed a law criminalizing the use of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls. Violators face up to 15 years in jail.

    Providers of such services face up to eight years in prison and could also be imprisoned for using banned social media sites.

    "The Ethiopian government is trying to attack every means of information exchange," Ambroise Pierre from the Reporters Without Borders Africa service told BBC News.

    "There's already a very strict control over written press, and last year several journalists were arrested, and now the government is tackling communications over the internet.

    "More and more people in Ethiopia are turning to new technologies, and some are even able to bypass censorship, which explains why the government is trying to use effective methods to control internet communications."

    Users of Skype and similar Internet call services face up to 15 years in prison in Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian government says it was only illegal to use Skype "for fraudulent activities." Read more
  • Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu & turkish first ladys visit-burma

    “Turkish people have come forward to help Innocent Muslims of Burma who are facing worst conditions in their own country of residence. Wife of Turk Prime Minister starts weeping after seeing the worst condition of Burmese Muslims. We appreciate the courage of Turk Govt. and hope they will continue their leading role to support Burmese Muslims”

    Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu left on Wednesday to observe the situation in Myanmar, from where he said Turkey was receiving “conflicting information” regarding deadly religious violence.

    “The administration (in Myanmar) says the deaths are around a hundred... but the Muslim leaders in Rakhine, with whom we have been in contact, say the deaths reach thousands,” Davutoglu told reporters in Ankara before his departure.

    Davutoglu is taking along medical supplies and donations collected by Turkey’s Red Crescent to deliver to “probably more than 50,000 Muslims and 20,000 Buddhists” who have been displaced from their homes by the conflict.

    “The information we have, the international community has, is a very conflicting one,” he said.

    Fighting in western Rakhine state between local Buddhists and stateless Muslim Rohingya has killed 80 people from both sides since June, with six reportedly killed on Sunday, according to Myanmar authorities.

    The Turkish foreign minister said he had to go himself and “observe the situation on the ground” to have healthy information, but his main purpose was “to make sure help reaches those people in no time.”

    The Turkish aid, his ministry claimed in a statement on Wednesday, was the first foreign humanitarian assistance Myanmar had accepted, apart from support received through a United Nations campaign.

    The violence initially broke out in June following the rape and murder of a Rakhine woman and the subsequent lynching of 10 Muslims by a crowd of angry Buddhists.

    New York-based Human Rights Watch has accused Myanmar forces of opening fire on Rohingya, as well as committing rape and standing by as rival mobs attacked each other.

    Decades of discrimination have left the Rohingya stateless and they are viewed by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

    Myanmar’s government considers the estimated 800,000 Rohingya in the country to be foreigners while many citizens see them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and view them with hostility.

    South-east Asian nations are also considering humanitarian assistance for Muslim-minority Rohingya facing “pain and suffering” in Myanmar, the head of the ASEAN regional bloc said Wednesday.

    Association of South-east Asian Nations secretary general Surin Pitsuwan said the bloc should be “part of solution to the problem.”

    Turkish FM leaves for Myanmar ASEAN mulls assistance for Rohingyas -

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  • A. Dr. Ali Al Dagi a & Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi The World Federation of Muslim Scholars issued a statement about Ethiopian Muslim

    The World Federation of Muslim Scholars issued a statement calling on the Ethiopian government to protect the rights of Muslims and dialogue with their leaders, and warned the consequences of causing discord among them, also called the Islamic world to protect their fellow oppressed everywhere, and this is the text of the statement:

    Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah Muhammad and his family and
    allies .. And after;;
    The World federation of Muslim Scholars is following the situation of Muslims Habesha (Ethiopia) land first migration, the land of the good King Nejashi, under whom nobody was oppressed, therefore he stood with the com panions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the oppressed and show magnanimity, values and high morals, and the outcome of the conditions of Muslims today, starting from the emperor Haileselase which wreaked havoc in the land, and he restricted the life of Muslims and left them with suffering.

    Today, under the current government, which began a kind of openness to Muslims - and that did not get to all their rights - there have been recent major problems where the government launched an attack against the preachers and committed youth on charges of terrorism and Al Qaeda, and plunged hundreds of them in prisons, with torture, and it stormed some mosques and closed most of their newspapers and magazines, and more than that the government's attempt to bring about dissension Ahbash followers to stray Abdullah Harari, and the government trying to impose ahbash on the Ethiopians and the majority of the Supreme Council of Muslims and this is what Muslims see as blatant interference in religious affairs, and the seed of dissension among them to achieve the political goals of the government, and therefore resulted in massive wave of protests from Muslims, and in front of these problems and calamities that befell our brothers the Muslims in Ethiopia (Abyssinia) the International Federation for Muslim Scholars confirms the following:

    1 – Federation calls on the Ethiopian government to lift oppression and injustice of Muslims in
    Ethiopia, and the granting of religious freedom, the right to choose their representatives, and the achievement of their equality with Christians in rights and duties, they are also people of the earth, and they make up a large proportion of the population, why digest their rights while they carry their citizenship duties properly? Why it is intended for their areas of backwardness, ignorance and poverty? Muslims in Ethiopia has been a good and tolerance throughout history.
    It is without doubt the realization of this true partnership and equality in rights and duties is the one who strengthens the Government and people of Ethiopia.

    2 – Federation warns that the Ethiopian government to proceed with the policy of violence,
    oppression, imprisonment and false accusations to all Muslims and cause discord among them may have failed in the whole world, and it means to destroy the people and government together as we have seen in Somalia and elsewhere. Therefore we demand the government to dialogue with representatives of Muslim scholars and tribal leaders and worshipers to reach a permanent peaceful coexistence formula protects the rights and borders.

    3 – Federation calls on Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the leaders of the Muslim world and its scholars and its people to stand with the oppressed of th ir brothers in Ethiopia, and their support financially and morally, and pressure on the government to achieve universal justice and full equality, and remedies for them and injustice.

    4 – Federation calls for charitable organizations and humanitarian care in Ethiopia (the land of the first migration) to achieve comprehensive development for them.

    5 – Federation show its readiness to visit Ethiopia through high-level delegation headed by its
    secretary general for the situation of Muslims to closely, and dialogue with the government and
    scholars in order to achieve security, stability and peaceful coexistence based on justice and equality in this country that bears fragrant history and magnanimity and dignity, hence the Federation does not wish this country except good and peaceful coexistence based on tolerance and the rights of full citizenship for all, and the overall development and prosperity.

    {Say work and Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers [Al Toba: 105].
    Doha: 18 Ramadan 1433 AH
    Posted: 06/08/2012 m
    A. Dr. Ali Al Dagi a                                                                                               Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi

     news by Bilal Communication 

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