Aljezzera Report that Ethiopian Mejilis Received Around 280 Million Ethiopian Birr for launching Ahbashizim.

Muslims accused the Government of Ethiopia Addis Ababa being responsible for the ongoing unrest there, by encouraging a group known as the Ethiopians, "Association of Islamic Charitable Projects" and promote the ideas described Bagma center of the Muslims of Ethiopia, but the government denies the charges altogether. 

The head of the Business Association Charitable Abu Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Ali in a statement to the island that the Ethiopian authorities are trying to sow discord among the Muslims to achieve political goals, but millions demonstrations Re goal attempts abortion "unconstitutional" as he put it. 

And pose head of the charity Ethiopian conspiracy theory, saying that "The Muslims of Ethiopia between teeth three are: government interference in their religious affairs, and its cooperation with the group Abyssinian, and defend the Islamic Supreme Council Ethiopian them," stated that the Islamic Supreme Council received about 280 million Ethiopian birr ( U.S. $ 15.5 million) for the launch of the Ethiopians by a group of Muslims. 

Andesa breadth and expected protests if the government does not back down from their positions (the island) 
Attempts to resolve 
In an attempt to quell the crisis before it decided to flash Muslims Ethiopia in December / December last to open a direct dialogue with the government to contain the crisis, the government - and the story of Sheikh Ali - refused to receive representatives of the Muslims and ignored. 

Media activist said first and Andesa the island, "demonstrations erupted eight months ago in Addis Ababa, and several cities are still ongoing, because the government ignored the demands of Muslims," ​​did not rule out the expansion of protests if the government does not back down from their positions, which he described aggressive. 

He summarized the Andesa and the factors that led to tension situations intervention in religious affairs authorities and the high literacy rate among young people, and use of social networking, and the impact of the Arab revolutions, in addition to widespread poverty and unemployment, marginalization and restrictions on public freedoms. 

However, Sheikh Khaled Abu downplayed the impact of revolutions on the Arab arena Ethiopian, and stressed that the primary motivation which drives the Muslims is their defense of Islam, believing that this is the secret of the Ethiopian police use of force against the demonstrators. 

The government denied 
Ethiopian authorities for its part, strongly denies the accusations against them by Muslims, interfering in the affairs of their religion, and to park behind the wave of protests that racked in Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian cities. 

He denied government spokesman Shi Mlessa Kamal, the use of police lacrimal gas to disperse the demonstrators, while the government accuses the organizers of the demonstrations in connection to al Qaeda, and says the elements are masked in the ranks of the demonstrators, and incite violence. 

The government denies their relationship to group Ethiopians and to promote its principles, but it confirms its intention to prevent any spillover of what it calls the "Islamic militancy" of Sudan, Somalia, neighboring, and accuses the demonstrators to use religion as political cover for a coup against the government and undermine the stability and security of the country and the establishment of an Islamic state. 

Sheikh Ali: The government refused to receive representatives of the Muslims and ignored their demands (the island) 
Muslim demands 
The Abu Khalid that the demands of the Muslims of Ethiopia are summarized in four points: stop government interference in religious affairs of Muslims, and the selection of members of the Supreme Council of Muslims, and non-government interference in the affairs of the mosque initial Addis Ababa, and sparing group Ethiopians for their methods, which raised the ire of Muslims. 

Ethiopian Muslims and refused all charges against them by the official authorities, and stressed Muslim activists of the island, their attachment to their religion and not giving up the Islamic him, whatever the circumstances. 

Islamists and Ethiopian activists confirms their intention to continue the peaceful protests in various cities and villages in their areas of government to respond to their legitimate demands and provided for in the Ethiopian Constitution. 

Source: Al Jazeera
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