• Ali mohamed gabre

    Ethiopian Government must Stop This gonices ' They hav give Right Muslim population ' All Regimes that have been Ruling the our country ' for past decades.... they did killing religoues political stop stop killing people' because we ar the people of nation ' they giv human right


    ammaas qabsoon itti fuftii hin dhaBBATTU

  • ah

    THIS pic i think from addis abeba b/c there is bus stop sign behind the police man

  • Nur

    May Allah help all ethiopian muslims who 's suffaring for their demanding for peasful demonstration . May Allah hear our voice in this respected and al qurqn month amin yAllah ........


    Donor countries, bear in mind that the blood of these innocent citizens and many more others murdered by the regime you kept in power with your aid money is in your hands!

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