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"I object to the fact that mosques are open and mosques are closed. The biggest damage to Corona is the closure of the house of Allah, ”said Zakir Naik We have attached the message to the video "In some Muslim countries, mosques continue to be closed without closing the mall. I strongly oppose closing mosques by allowing malls to remain open.

Why not keep openings by keeping physical distance from other mosques by keeping physical distance and other appropriate precautions? If you limit the number of people who use the restaurant to limit the number of people going to a restaurant, why not limit the number of people who worship in the mosque? . ..... This is most likely because the people (the managers) think the country's economy is against it. They are more concerned about the economy of their country, not our deans. For us, our demeanor is more important than the country's economy.

One of the biggest threats of the Corona virus (Covid-19) is the closure of the mosques. Other injuries are far less significant than mosque closures. The greatest damage is the closure of the mosques, the inability to perform prayers at the house of Allaah and the house of Allah. ..... I am against this opportunity to open malls and close mosques for the sake of the country's economy. ... You see over a hundred and a thousand people shopping at the super supermarkets, where no (Cov- 19) safety principles can be fully applied. However, in our mosques it is possible to apply more safety principles than shopping malls and supermarkets. Therefore, I am protesting that mosques are opened and mosques are closed. ”Dr. Zakir Naik

Addis Mieraf
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