Bilal News 5/26/2020



It is in the Sharjah al-Qasiyyah area of ​​Dubai that our 31-year-old housewife collapsed from the 4th floor and sadly passed away. The police have launched an investigation. She is a Sharjah resident, an Ethiopian who wants to remain anonymous after she fell off the roof and was working as a housekeeper for Iranians. Our sister got up early yesterday morning and found her luggage on the floor and fell on the floor.

When it fell, internal bleeding and bone fractures were reported. Her life went through a tragic end immediately. The source said her body was admitted to the hospital and is under investigation. It is still unclear whether she has jumped to carry her suitcase or if her employers have deliberately jumped out of her room and pretended to jump from the floor. This will be reported by a police investigation. However, her Iranian employers are under police investigation and are being investigated. It was a shopkeeper who saw a fall and called the police immediately.

Addis Mieraf
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