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The three countries agreed to inform the Security Council that the African Union had begun to look at the tripartite dialogue.


Bahir Dar June 20, 2012 (ABD) The African Union Leaders Summit on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam held a consultative meeting on water and sewerage regulation yesterday.


South African President and Union Chairman Cyril Ramaphosa who called the meeting: Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mali also participate in the discussion. According to the Prime Minister's Office, the delegates have learned that their participation will help find a solution to African problems.


He said the country has agreed to negotiate on the dam's water supply and management over the next two weeks.


The African Union began to look into the matter, to inform the UN Security Council, and support members of the African Union Leaders' Conference Office; The Office of the Prime Minister said Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt are on the verge of avoiding words and unnecessary statements.

Addis Mieraf
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