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The secular religion of the non-religious Albanian communism did not honor the respected religious fathers
It is known that the elders of the country go today. When the elders of the country arrived in the center of Mekelle, they were received with unreserved welcome. Examination was also by accident, as if it were a deliberate protocol.
In the discussion, a scathing comment from the leaders of the great religious leaders was, "Who are you, where are you?" This speech is not comparable to the religious people of Tigray, who accept, treat, and believe in all religions.

Tories are the people who promote Albanian communism, a country that has become a religion of yesterday and today, whose thinking and disrespect to the elders today stems from this attitude. This is a practice that does not go beyond the value of the Tigray people. It is foolish to say that the TPLF honors its religious leaders, whom they love and respect.
Addis Mieraf
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