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It has been 9 years since the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.Ethiopia is working to rebuild its Renaissance Dam by completing the Renaissance Dam. However, despite the fact that the three countries have been negotiating for a number of times in the lower riparian countries, notably Egypt and Sudan, and in a mutually beneficial way, Egypt has not been able to reach a consensus And Egypt is on the brink of pursuing its own interests in a manner that has been out of balance. The people and the government of Ethiopia are on the verge of extending the completion of the dam, for various reasons.

"Our position is not to be thirsty, but to drink together, to plead together, and to keep our darkness dark". It is true that all parties should know and accept that Ethiopia has the full right to use hydroelectric power generated from the Renaissance Dam, according to the Attorney General, Adenbe Abebe also, the prosecutor who has been drinking and cultivating everything that the Nile has for centuries. The Nile Basin says the Nile's children live in thirst and thirst, while Ethiopia, the mother of the Nile, remains thirsty and thirsty. Our position is not to be thirsty, but to drink together, to plead together, and to keep our darkness light. Ethiopia will be liberated from Kurdish and candles by the Grand Renaissance Dam. Our goodness does not look like weakness.Our need for peace should not be underestimated. According to their social media page, Ethiopia is, and is, the future of the heroes.

NGOs supported more than 22 million Birr worth of hygiene and sanitation to help prevent and respond to the Corona virus epidemic.Supported by Total Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, the Transportation Employers Federation, the Ethiopian Navy and the Vision Fund macro finance. The recipients are thanked by the Minister of Transport, Mrs Dagwitw Mogas, and the Ambassador of the National Resource Advisory Committee. When her minister received the support, she said that we have not yet seen the end of the crisis in our country. They say that we can solve the problem we are facing when we all support and cooperate with what we have. He said the support for the transport sector and other institutions would also help reduce the sector's vulnerability.

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