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DOWNLOAD ALBUM AT WWW.BOONAA.COM - For bookings or other inquires contact boonaamohammed(at) or www.boonaa.comGreen CardWe are the children of hope,Folks came here floating on a big plane or small boatFrom the banana republics and rainforest cafesSave up their little pay just to see some better days.I am the first.Born into this system I navigate with ease,For my parents sake I will survive by any meansEven if that means Physics, bio, calculus and chemistryThese boring subjects encompass their every single dreamAt 15 I translate between the judge and the juryMy teacher says I'm doing bad, I tell my dad not to worry,Plus I can't translate all the hate that she gives me,Racist curriculum I'm not dumb and don't need your pity.Maniacs rule your cities while geniuses drive your cabsAnd I have to work twice as hard for every single thing that I've hadSelling from my stash, trying to make that quick and easy cashDead end jobs that can leave you dead on the jobPoverty is like love, it makes you do some crazy thingsLike using a fake gun to stick up the stick up kidsBabylon system leaving no optionsGet rich or die trying either that or just dyingSo instead we work, and we work and we work for jerksBosses who don't see people but see profitsAnd not the holy kind, I'm talking dollar signsAnd I begin to see why poverty like love is blind.Or maybe just colour blind?A tiny inconvenient truth about labour groupsAnd the masses of the working classes,But some people say that race doesn't even exist.Tell that to the tress still soar from hanging lynches.But during this day and age,We have fresh new waves of semi-paid slaves,Willing to work for less than our minimal wageAnd these foreigners don't understand these foreign conceptsThought they were Canadian, but slowly dismissed that nonsenseAnd I hate to say it, but, this is itThis is your land of dreamsWhere you can still live 3rd world in a first world countryLove has cupid and poverty has stupidThis is a place where we can grow up to learn nothing about ourselvesA place where they insist that sex should sellA place where we should want the things we definitely do not needA place where your kids can become addicted to alcohol and weedAnd I bet they didn't tell you this on your immigration applicationBecause sadly this may still be better than your former locationSo if you won't say it, than I guess I'll have to say it for youBesides I'm used to translating your dreams and hopes too.Aside from on America's most wanted, we are not wanted, hereBecause my colour and last name still spark fear,The same kind that can easily become violent,And you can't be protected by studying science,Because even our nerds aren't good enough for them,I was born here and I'm screwed, but you have an accent,You get the same respect as fat kids in gym class,First to get cut and always picked lastBut don't get mad, because you're doing the best that you canAnd I love you because you were not afraid to take a chanceSo the next time someone tells you to go back to where you came fromTell them we should all go back, and finally let the natives have some fun,In Solidarity.
Boonaa Mohammed
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