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Egypt's foreign minister said on Tuesday that Egypt is ready to discuss the UN Security Council, saying that Egypt is willing to join the Security Council in order to avoid negotiations over the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. All parties.

Egypt's foreign minister, Sah Shikiri, said Egypt was ready to start negotiations immediately after Egypt agreed to fill the dam's capacity until the agreement was reached. Arrived.

According to the statement, the foreign minister has urged Ethiopia to start negotiations quickly, recognize its commitment to international agreements, and not compromise the dam at the same time. On Monday, Sudan's Minister of Irrigation, Yassir Abbas Karutum, said that negotiations are the most effective way of negotiating the Renaissance Dam. He added that Sudan has made sincere efforts to find a way to reach agreement between the three countries. Once the Renaissance Dam began operation, his father reiterated the need to sign an agreement before the Sudan replenished the dam and secure the Rose ires Reservoir.

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