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He said the group did not act out of a desire to win, but in an attempt to weaken the Ethiopian army and turn it over to a foreign enemy.

He said he had attacked the army, which had protected the people of Tigray for more than 20 years, helped them with farming and defended the locusts.

He said there had been previous attempts to dismantle and dismantle the defense force and later to attack the militia.

He said the government has sent two cargo aircrafts to Mekelle to exchange the new birr for the old one.

The insane group, however, allegedly used workers at the Mekele electricity branch to turn off the lights and cut off telecoms. He said the Defense Forces did not want to go to war and fled to neighboring areas. He said the people of Tigray, on the other hand, have made us proud by preventing the locusts from attacking the army that they helped.

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