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Game for Kid

  • Popular Games - Verge

    Games - Verge

    by Administrator Added 663 Views / 0 Likes

    Enter the world where death is not the end.A, D / LEFT, RIGHT - move the character SPACE / Z / W / UP - jump.. holding the button makes the character jump higher W / UP - enter doors, activate revive portal WASD, arrows - mash this buttons to escape when

  • Popular Games - WeepersOut

    Games - WeepersOut

    by Administrator Added 613 Views / 0 Likes

    Run and jump through obstacles, count your time to finish the levelUse arrow keys to move left, right, jump, and crouch.

  • Popular Games - Winter Jigsaw

    Games - Winter Jigsaw

    by Administrator Added 689 Views / 0 Likes

    A lovely nature jigsaw puzzle, it's winter and everything is white. How fast can you solve this puzzle?Use the mouse to drag the pieces.

  • Popular Games - Winter Race

    Games - Winter Race

    by Administrator Added 815 Views / 0 Likes

    We are back with a cool racing game. This one is with a winter landscape, you're the best car driver?Arrow keys to drive.

  • Popular Games - Wooden Boats Jigsaw

    Games - Wooden Boats Jigsaw

    by Administrator Added 595 Views / 0 Likes

    Who's in for a lovely boatride? We turned this photo of these wooden boats into a free jigsaw puzzle, can you solve this puzzle? Even on hard? And can you get into the top of the leaderboards?Use the mouse to drag the pieces.

  • Popular Games - Words on the Beach

    Games - Words on the Beach

    by Administrator Added 921 Views / 0 Likes

    Finds words with the given letters with 3 different game modes.Mode 1: Find as many words with the given letters. Mode 2: Find all words of a selection of words, words are placed in alphabetical order. Mode 3: Find a specific word in a list, words are pla

  • Popular Games - Xee Bee Reloaded

    Games - Xee Bee Reloaded

    by Administrator Added 600 Views / 0 Likes

    Fly without limits! You have 90 seconds to make a great highscore, performing acrobacies to reach your goal. Use the winds to increase your speed, but beware, the descending winds can make you crash in low level flight! Collect stars and buy new planes!

  • Popular Games - Xolga and Mr. Toko Again 1

    Games - Xolga and Mr. Toko Again 1

    by Administrator Added 535 Views / 0 Likes

    The first episode of the sequel to the awesome series! The adventure goes on!

  • Popular Games - yellow camaro jigsaw

    Games - yellow camaro jigsaw

    by Administrator Added 712 Views / 0 Likes

    Play free puzzle games with cool images every day.

  • Popular Games - Zoozy Pop Quattro

    Games - Zoozy Pop Quattro

    by Administrator Added 1,260 Views / 0 Likes

    Zoozy Pop has gone to the extreme with four whale-paddles at once! Try to remove all those cute little animals from the screen while juggling all four whales with your bouncing acorn. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from nonsoft.netBounce the acorn off

  • Popular Games - 大头鬼之剑魂之怒

    Games - 大头鬼之剑魂之怒

    by Administrator Added 1,606 Views / 0 Likes

    这是《Jue决》的续作,重命名为《大头鬼》系列,本作的中文名字是《大头鬼之 剑魂之怒》。增加了新人物,关卡数增多了,AI也提高了很多。增加蓄气系统,每 个人都改进了动作,并且新增了很多必杀技。希望大家喜欢。傻瓜模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. U/I/O 必杀技. 7/8/9 蓄气必杀技. M 复仇必杀技. 专业模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. ↓ → + J/K/L 必杀技. ↓ → ↓ → + J/K/L 蓄气必杀技. ← → ← → + L 复仇必

  • Popular Games - 美羊羊穿越火线

    Games - 美羊羊穿越火线

    by Administrator Added 847 Views / 0 Likes