Contraversial News Today 6/20/2020


Our society, which has traditionally abdicated the practice of abducting a girl without her consent, has continued to rape the girl today. The use of women as a commodity is a part of our society today.
Many artists expressed their feelings on social media following the recent raping of teenagers. They shared their frustration. “I will not be silent,” he said. My favorite artist, Hailemariam, said that she was sick of the video she posted. According to the older artist, my mother wrote in a written statement that "sometimes you feel sad, bitter, broken at heart when you are tired."

Hannah's story is not silent. Eden Schmidt was also looking back on her childhood, and the situation was devastating. Immanuel is also very rich. Why are the other artists silent? We wanted to ask. Why are they silent? How do these artists, who struggle to communicate through each of the current issues, keep quiet when such a horrific act is committed against young children? We want to ask. How has reported that in the last 2 months alone, 101 young women have been raped and 58 boys have been sexually abused? When you ask, you will find the answer. Established under the government of Addis Ababa last year, a new TV station

How do you get closer to the theatrical students and various theater artists who are still studying at the university but are trying to break into the film industry? He asked.

Addis Mieraf
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