Doctors are exposed to it || What was happened at the commercial bank of Ethiopia



Something happened in a branch of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has occurred.

The virus was found in the blood by one of the employees of the bank, according to a report by an employee at the bank. Surprisingly, but not so, in a survey of employees who are believed to have direct contact with him, the bank's employees have been found to be completely infected with the virus. However, the bank had to shut down, or at least spray or disinfect, in light of today's workload. However, this is not the case and our reporters have been able to confirm that they were present. He is doing ordinary work by other staff. This is something that should never happen.

Because if the area is still closed and the virus is not cleaned, the virus has a tendency to stay on the surface of the metal and so on, so it is likely to spread to at least one person. That will broaden the distribution. Last week, as we reported, the first thing to do was to shut down the station when it was discovered that the virus was discovered at the police station, called the 5th. It was only after all things had been investigated and the site opened on the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia that this had to be done but not until the minute. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, located near the National Theater, is the Addis Ababa branch or commonly known as the Cub Bank.
You have made this suggestion so that our listeners can be careful. Korona is known to be alarmingly spread. In particular, places like markets and banks are highly vulnerable to the virus, and they need to be very careful and not only be careful when traveling to these areas but also need to be careful because we need to be careful. Places like these are highly vulnerable to the virus and require great care, and not only do we need to be careful when traveling to these areas, but we also need to be careful that we are not distracted

Addis Mieraf
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