Dubai Police arrested online scammers engaged in Dh1.6 billion money laundering Via cyber scam



Dubai Police arrested 12 suspected fraudsters in Dubai

The arrests were made up of well-known Instagram personalities Raymond Abba (Huppipe) and Olelenka Jacob Panley Dear Webe. Another 10 suspects have been arrested and charged with high-profile fraud.

The action, dubbed "Fox Hunt 2," is a hidden online fraud scam involving money laundering outside the United States, including financial fraud, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonation, fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.

Major General Abdullahi Khalif al-Alriri said the success of the police in Dubai is another feat in the Dubai Police.

“Dubai police are against money laundering and organized cyber scams and online scams. We are up to date with the latest technologies and techniques used by criminals. We have a qualified police officer capable of dealing with cybercrime.

Brigadier Jamal Salem al Jalf, director of the Criminal Investigation Department at the Dubai Police, said in a statement that he had met a group of people involved in money laundering and online fraud.

“Guys, including ush Shippi, who are known for their wealth on social media. As a trader, he pleads to deceive victims around the world. He said the police team supervised the group creating accounts on social media.

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Addis Mieraf
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