Egyptian Bishop Exposed the truth



Petition to the Bishop of Egypt

Regarding the Abbey Dam

The Muslim, and the Christians, have now taken their stand

She has become very suspicious of her and her church

How did you explain it?


Ethiopian Orthodox Bishop Baba Triyodros

We have raised the church for more than 60 years in Cottutton

She was our daughter and today I grew up

The Ethiopian Church said, "He said."

She was strong until 1974, doing whatever we wanted

It was possible with the change that occurred in 1974 and the Shashalium

From the founding of Bharati, she is exhausted and exhausted

Today's church is not as rigid as it was in the past. Some ministers spoke to the authorities and they said the dam 


We have tried to get us to fear it is not for agriculture, but for agriculture We have tried hard, but the matter is in the hands of the Ethiopians.

Addis Mieraf
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