Ethiopia - a secret V-SAT is found in Jawar Mohammed's residence


I've heard a lot about the "Internet" that Jawar doesn't know about the Internet. I was surprised to see some commenting on it as a new and exciting phenomenon, and I wanted to share it with you.
Jawar's house was found by Visat. This means accessing the Internet directly via satellite, in addition to the fiber or dial-up connection you normally use. This is legal in East African countries outside of Ethiopia. (I want to end up with a neighbor without going with the other.) I used it extensively in rural areas of Kenya where I was.

Zehabesha Special News - Jawar Mohammed - Ethiopia - Hachalu Hudesa
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The price is not as high as many exaggerate, but less than $ 1,000 from Dubai Telecom companies. Although the monthly fee is higher than the regular telephone price, it is not that impossible. Enter the American compound: If you go to Gojjam on the porch and bus, it will boil like a dish. I know that Tele has reduced most international calls to 13 birr per minute, but at one point it launched a campaign and destroyed most of them, but there are still services available. He recalls that at one time, the famous Tigrigna singer Iyasu Berhe and his accomplices were suspected of smuggling and distributing this material. * After all, the Internet is still on WhatsApp; Viber: America before you start calling Emo; Europe
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