Ethiopian Health Minister Updated about the new Covid medicine


An amendment was made to some of the guidelines under the Emergency Act to protect the Corona virus

The Ministry of Health announced that there have been amendments to some of the guidelines under the Corona Vaccination Act in Ethiopia.

Minister of Health, Dr. Leah Tadesse, said that improvements were being made to the emergency directives today.

According to the amendment, it is permissible to conduct community funerals with the necessary care of citizens who die for a variety of reasons.

According to Dr. Leia, the funeral process was not possible before the results of the Ascot laboratory.

However, he said the policy had not been revised to allow only 50 people already present at the burial site to attend the event. It is said that outsiders will be sampled and kept in their homes for 14 days if they come back with evidence that they have been examined in their home country over the last three days.

On the other hand, for those passengers who do not have a report to prove their independence, their sample will be taken and separated for seven days. According to ENA, the 14-day mandatory detention ban has previously been set to be limited to seven days.
Addis Mieraf
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