Exemplary Video of the House of the Prophet


"Who do you love most of your wives?" Test coming

They say, "Live for us."
She said, "Okay, tell all your wives now." She wanted to prove her dominance.

The Prophet Sasuke gave him one of the lessons they held in his hand: "I will gather them all at night and prove them before them." But don't tell anyone that I've given you a scholarship. ”

They left.

They went straight to all their wives and distributed some presents: They said, "Don't tell anyone that I gave you an account."

The day is dark, All collected. “Yesha Rae looks forward to her supremacy.

"Which of your wives do you like the most?" She asked. The answer is hard ... All wives were commanded to listen to the Prophet's answer.

They said, "My favorite part is the one I gave her first." All the wives of the prophetess who received the instruction during the day rejoiced until their joy was over. But they are said to not tell anyone!

Addis Mieraf
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