Firsthijrah2010 - Strong Demonstration at Anwar Mosque and The Killing of Demonstrators in Arssi by


April 27 2012, According to eye witness report to Radio Bilal, Security forces shot and killed seven Muslims of Asasa residence in( Arsi zone) that refused to accept the indoctrination of the Ahbash sect. The incident took place when security forces approached a gathering right after the Friday Prayer when security forces approached a gathering and attempted to arrest a Muslim individual and the people asked an explanation and without any provocation the security foresees started clubbing the crowed and opened fire killing three individuals and seriously wounded seven others who are being treated in nearby health clinic. The corpses of the dead were denied to be handed to the victims' families and the town of Asasa is totally closed down. No individual is allowed to enter or leave the town. International medias like Al-jazeera covered the peaceful demonstration. To get more info visit
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