FULL VİDEO! Dad leaps to his death as family films him jumping off cliff in Spain!



The harrowing footage captured from a nearby boat — where the man’s wife and son were filming — shows the 31-year-old Dutch tourist readying to make the 100-foot plunge Thursday in the Malgrats Islands.

The ill-fated daredevil took the plunge off the majestic cliff, but seemingly realized his leap wasn’t going to clear the sharp, jagged rocks below that he viciously clipped before crashing into the water while letting out a terrifying scream.

“Oh my God!” the man’s wife shouted as the short, chilling clip ends.

The body of the man, who wasn’t immediately identified, was reportedly found in the water following a search. It’s unclear if local authorities are investigating the deadly cliff-jumping stunt, which is popular among vacationers throughout Majorca.

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