Khalifahklothing - Black Magic - From Darkness to Light - Class 4/8 - By Abu Imran Al-Sharkasi


The An-Naseeha Foundation brings you an EXCLUSIVE 8 session course on Aqeedah (Islamic beliefs) covering a wide variety of issues related to the fundamentals of Islam and hot topics, such as:* Shirk: It's Definitions&Types (* Disbelief&Hypocrisy (* Black Magic* The Evil Eye* The Rulings on Taweez (Amulets)* Knowledge of the Unseen* Loving The Prophet* The Virtues of Ahlul Bait&The Companions* The Dangers of Bid'ahThe course was delivered by Abu Imraan Al-Sharkasi, who was born in Russia into a Muslim family and moved to the UK in 1993.Abu Imran is highly skilled in the Arabic language and has translated extensively at seminars for many scholars and students of knowledge.He also has tazkiyyah from scholars such as Shaikh 'Abdus-Salaam al-Burgis (rahimahullah), Shaikh Khaalid al-Anbari, Shaikh Fasial al-Jaasim and many others.Currently Abu Imran is the director of the Al-Burhaan Institute based in Leicester U.K which offers regular beneficial classes throughout the week.An-Naseeha Foundation[W]:[E]:
English Da'awa
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