Khalifahklothing - Extremism Not in the Name of Islam - Alyas Karmani


EXTREMISM NOT IN THE NAME OF ISLAM - Alyas KarmaniAbout the lecture -Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West. Nevertheless, the West has many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam that are due to the media, prejudice, and ignorance. Islam is often looked upon as a "extremist", "terrorist", or "fundamental" religion. Many people hate Islam and do not want to acknowledge its true teachings. In many cases, the media's reports about Islam are incorrect due to ignorance. This is one of the reasons why the West often hates Islam.In contrast to what many Westerners think of Islam, Islam is a peaceful religion, which does not promote any forms of uncalled for fighting or "terrorist" actions.Covered in this presentation -Is islam a religion of peace?Does Islam allow terrorism?What does Islam really say about suicide bombings?Does Islam allow killing non muslims?Does Islam allow honor killings?What does Islam say about taking any life?and much more...About the Speaker -Alyas Karmani has 20 years of work experience in the Public Sector across a range of policy areas specialising in Equality and Diversity. He is an accomplished academic with six years of experience as a researcher and lecturer at Bradford and Leeds Universities- department of Social Policy.Alyas Karmani was former head of Race Equality for the Welsh Assembly Government 2004. He is currently a consultant for West Yorkshire and London Probation service in relation to resettlement and reintegration of Muslim Offenders. Alyas has a Psychology background with close to 20 years of counselling and therapy work focussing on Muslim centred mental health and emotional well being. Alyas is also an Imam and Khateeb (preacher/presenting Friday sermons) at a number of Mosques in the North of England and across the UK. Alyas is also a specialist in youth empowerment and emotional well- being having been a senior policy advisor for the WelshAssembly government relating to youth empowerment and development 2008-2009. In 2008-2009 Alyas completed a project called 'Reducing the risks of radicalisation for prisoners' funded by the EU and undertaken jointly with London Probation service- the research was based on direct work with terrorist offenders and currently informs the risk assessment framework of the probation service.Current Projects by Alyas Karmani To ensure the Muslims community have guidance from an Islamic perspective and to reinforce core Islamic values, morals and virtues whilst at the same time addressing practical issues, contemporary issue and providing an open and informed approach to sex and related issues. talk was presented by Islam Keighley and The Utley Centre more information on regular lectures taking place in the in the north of England. uk. please go to -
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