khalifahklothing - I Want To Have Sex, Drink, Party, Die And Still Go To Heaven!


God being The Self-Sufficient is not in need of any of us. Rather, we are in need him as we are the created and he is The Creator. If this point is instilled in the mind of an individual he/she finds a unique determination. There is more to life than just driking, partying, and intimacy. In this episode of TheDeenshow the questioner wants to know why they can't have sex when they want to, with whomever they want, and then be able to party and drink and follow their own way of life without obeying God, and then after they die they still be able to go to heaven. This question makes for a great topic, enjoy this week's show. Introduction [start time 00:00] Life of a Submissive Muslim is boring [start time 05:29] Why were we put on this earth? [start time 08:19] Finding your soul mate in Islam [start time 11:55] Living for the weekend [start time 14:33] Women in Islam [start time 18:31] Are all religions man-made? [start time 21:43] Death [start time 25:27] Conclusion [start time 27:19]
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