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KhalifahKlothing's new Channel: Download and re-upload video: Contact KhalifahKlothing's statement regarding the matter: "as-salaamu 'alaikum Firstly, Wallahi I have no ill feelings towards the brothers that filed that copyright claims. I'm sure if they knew that it would lead to this they would not have gone forward with it. I am disappointed that none of the brothers ever messaged me regarding the videos before they went ahead and contacted YouTube. Now, I have never claimed that all Islamic material (DVDs, CDs) should be available for free. I tried to be careful enough and didn't upload material that wasn't already available for free online, so I'm shocked when brothers accuse us of stealing and piracy. These are the videos in question: 1. "Interview with Belal Muslim -- The Deen Show" -- Brother Eddie used footage -- only seconds if I'm not mistaken -- from YouTube of brother Belal's video which was produced by "Life of this World Media". Now I'm not denying that they own that footage, but please don't accuse us of doing dawah through theft when we never received any warnings or complains or refused to comply with your demands. 2. "Covenant with Allah -- Nouman Ali Khan" -- A really good lecture by Ustadh Nouman which I saw on Salam Studios' channel with very few views, so I decided to give it more exposure by mirroring it, and placing a link to their website (Salam Studios) the time it was uploaded. The only...
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