Khalifahklothing - Spirituality In Islam - The Deen Show With Sh. Navaid Aziz


In this episode of The Deen Show, Navaid Aziz discusses some of the prime concepts pertaining to Islamic Spirituality. The Lights went off and the mood was set and then the who ha ha started and what came next? Tune in to this weeks show to find out more. Help get the word out about the new film "Dunya to Deen" the Story about how Eddie host of TheDeenShow came to Islam.Get people to join DUNYA to DEEN's new Face book page All shows can be watched at Share TheDeenShow on your facebook,blogs,websites,email contacts. Do your part today! TheDeenShow on DVD Key Points of This Video: Introduction [start time 00:00] Islamic Spirituality [start time 05:26] Eddie tells his story [start time 11:04] Contemplating Death [start time 13:02] The Story of Najashi The Death of the Prophet (PBUH) What does God think of you? [start time 17:32] Breaking the law of God [start time 22:30] Invitation to read the Quran [start time 24:40] Conclusion [start time 25:00] For more Shows visit To get the DVDs visit Radio shows
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