Khalifahklothing - The Purpose Of Life - Khalid Yasin On The Deen Show


Do you know the purpose of life? Have you thought about this question? If you do know the purpose of life are you sharing it with others? All this and more on this weeks show. In this episode of The Deen Show Khalid Yasin shares his experiences in helping people recognize the purpose of their lives. Help get the word out about the new film "Dunya to Deen" the Story about how Eddie host of TheDeenShow came to Islam.Get people to join DUNYA to DEEN's new Face book page All shows can be watched at Share TheDeenShow on your facebook,blogs,websites,email contacts. Do your part today! TheDeenShow on DVD Key Points of This Video: Introduction [start time 00:00] Was Jesus a Muslim [start time 02:43] How to have people consider the Purpose of Life? [start time 05:11] 38000 people accepting Islam [start time 11:12] Importance of sharing the message [start time 15:03] Why can't we stay focused? [start time 18:21] Making relevant the value of life [start time 22:05] Advice to the viewers [start time 25:34] Conclusion [start time 26:32]
English Da'awa
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