Khalifahklothing - Why Are Hispanics Embracing Islam - The Story Of Daniel Hernandez On The Deen Sho


A story about a Latino Puerto rican who went from being a gang member and living the street life and then losing his close friends by the same gang and this making him think really hard about life . Help get the word out about the new film "Dunya to Deen" the Story about how Eddie host of TheDeenShow came to Islam.Get people to join DUNYA to DEEN's new Face book page All shows can be watched at Share TheDeenShow on your facebook,blogs,websites,email contacts. Do your part today! TheDeenShow on DVD Key Points of This Video: Introduction [start time 00:00] Me before Islam [start time 02:50] Me getting involved in substance abuse [start time 05:12] Me joining a gang [start time 07:21] Me questioning my purpose of life [start time 11:47] Me being arrested [start time 13:53] My friends being murdered [start time 15:26] Me being introduced to the Quran [start time 15:40] Me researching different religions [start time 18:54] My invoking God Me reading the Quran [start time 22:33] Me implementing the commandments of Allah Me&parents accepting Islam [start time 26:13] Me studying Islam [start time 27:40] Latinos coming to Islam [start time 28:10] Advice to the Latinos [start time 29:53] Conclusion [start time 31:14]
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