Khalifahklothing - Why Give Da'wah? - by Kamal El-Mekki


Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki has been dubbed the Black Belt of Dawah. With decades of experience in the Dawah scene, Shaykh Kamal has introduced cutting edge and practical strategies that teach students how to tailor conversations to any scenario they may face. Shaykh Kamal combines his ground-breaking teaching style with his own dash of humour, certain to leave students feel at ease&entertained, but above all skilled and empowered.Shaykh Kamal is known best for his workshop "How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes" (, a 6-hour workshop designed to empower MSAs and Dawah organizations in the art of Dawah. His lectures and online videos (targeting contemporary challenges) have also gained popular fame and positive impact among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.It seems that each time you think you addressed their concerns they come up with yet another question. It's only a matter of time before you get stumped, start stuttering and come up with some half-hearted answer that leaves them even more unconvinced.Have you considered that you might be doing it all wrong?Unfortunately, many of us are doing Islam a disservice by venturing into the field of Da'wah without first learning the science of giving Da'wah. Yes, there's a whole science of Da'wah!
English Da'awa
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