Khutba Full Video From United States



All praise is due to Allah. May peace and praise be on the Messenger of Allah and on his family! This would not be enough for the Muslims to write and follow a series of records that have survived! No! Among the leaders of the records: Recordings by Imam Abu Hanifa: They set the governor's will as a prerequisite for the establishment of the Jupun, and the Imam of Malik records that he was bowed down in the mosque.

In the Shafiyya and Hanniballah Record: "The number of prostitutes must be 40 for those who are eligible for the Wajib prayer." The number cache. The issue of worshiping 
the jungle at home would be contrary to the teachings of the Imams mentioned above. If a person has a cause, or if the country in which the country is located is not established by Juma,
it will serve four zakahs. There is no crime. Allah is more intelligent.
Addis Mieraf
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