LearnArabicTV - Arabic Lesson - Do You Have A Pen? (lesson Notes Are In Description)


Lesson notes: When "hal" is used it changes the sentence to a question. It is like a question mark. For example, in English you could say: "You have a pen" or "You have a pen?". The question mark makes the sentence into a question. In Arabic the word "hal" will come at the beginning and it means that you are asking a question. "3ndek" means do you have. The 'k' sound at the end means "you". If you said 3ndee then the 'ee' sound at the end would mean that you are referring to yourself. 'ka' is for a guy and 'kee' is for a girl. "3ndeka" is for a guy and "3ndekee" is for a girl. Or you can just say "3ndek" for anyone. And finally the word "qalm" means pen. If you want to know about a specific pen then you would put the word "al" in front on "qalm". "al qalm" means "the pen" direct translation = question, you have pen? How do you say "do you have a pen" in Arabic? hal 3ndek qalm هل عندك قلم
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