LearnArabicTV - Arabic Lesson - How Much Is This?


Lesson notes: "beekum" means "in how much" and "hatha" means this. Literal translation is: "in how much this". You may hear a shortened version of this phrase. Some people just say "kum hatha" which means "how much this". There is no word for "is" in Arabic. How do you say "how much is this?" in the Arabic language? beekum hatha بكم هذا Repetition is the key to learning. Watch the video numerous times. It takes about 100 repetitions to memorize something to the point of remembering with confidence. If you watch this video 5 times then that will be about 100 repetitions of this phrase. When someone goes to the gym, they do lots of repetitions to build their muscles. Your mind is similar, you need repetitions. That is why nobody learns anything with a private tutor. The tutor doesn't repeat themselves enough. If you have a good tutor and a good student then it might work but most of the time this method fails.
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