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Lesson Notes:أخي بيت بيتكakhi, bayt baytikakhi = My brotherbayt = home (in the context of the saying, it means my home)baytik = your homeThis is a very popular saying in the middle east. It just means that you should make yourself at home. Or help yourself to anything that you need. Don't feel shy.For your homework, make a video response repeating what you have learned.With these free online Arabic lessons, you will learn Arabic easily. There is no such thing as learning Arabic fast. But, there is such a thing as having fun while you are learning. If you have fun, then you will keep doing it. These are quick and easy lessons. Many of the words are used in other lessons so that you can build on what you have already learned.Repetition is the key to learning. Therefore, it is beneficial to watch the video a few times. If you don't get all the words right away, then don't worry. Those words will probably come up again in future lessons. Learning should be relaxed and enjoyable.Learning Arabic is a very rewarding experience. These online lessons are 100% free. This is the best way to learn Arabic and for free. These are easy words in Arabic.Send me your suggestions or feedback. Take care and may Allah bless you.
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