LifewithAllah - Daughters in Pre Islamic Arabia


This is just one incident out of the many which depicts how the Arab Culture was before Islam. It was Islam which gave tremendous rights to women which no Other Major Religion on earth has given. Another Point to be Noted is that the same Arab nation which used to kill their daughters coz it was in their custom... How did this Arab nation transform into the best nation on earth producing the best people on earth?It was only throught Quran and Sunnah.. Dawah and Jihad.Some Material for Non Muslims and Muslims alike is as follows:A Brief Guide to Understand Islam:, its foundations and concepts: is... of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) True Message of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) and Modern Science (Authenticity of the Holy Quran) forget to The Most watched, Most Famous and Free to Air Islamic Channel Peace tv:http://peacetv.orghttp://watchislam.comFor the Complete and Detailed and most famous Series of talks on the Biography of Prophe mohammad peace be upon him, you can click here: And Download The 3 Set of CDs by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki.Some Famous Websites:http://tubeislam.comhttp://kalamullah.comhttp://Islamicemirate.comhttp://hoor-al-ayn.comhttp://sunnahonline.comhttp://islamhouse.comhttp://thedeenshow.comhttp://islamqa.comhttp://bilalphilips.comhttp://understand-islam.net List of Recommended Websites by Dr Bilal Philips: Islamic Websites:http://islamhouse.comhttp://kitabosunnat.comhttp://Ircpk.comhttp://Quran-o-sunnah.comhttp://Quransunnah.comhttp://Ahlulhadeeth.netComparative Religions and Answers to Allegations Website:http://call-to-monotheism.com
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