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Playlist: with Allah presents The Life of Muhammad Peace be upon him - Makkan Period - By Imam Anwar Al Awlaki.You can download the Audio here: is the Fifth Talk of the Series titled as: "Important Events"This 16 CD set is an outstanding collection of inspirational talks that introduces the life of Prophet Muhammad, the greatest human being to walk the face of the earth. In these talks, Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, author of the best selling series, The Lives of the Prophets, eloquently presents the Makkan period of the Prophet's life in a detailed manner, deriving valuable lessons from it and thus making it relevant to our modern times. The series is primarily based on Ibn Kathir's book on the Sirah. Some of the topics discussed include: The History of the Kabah, Muhammad in the Bible, The Call to Near Kin, The Islam of Hamzah, The Year of Grief, Lessons from the Trip to al-Taif and much more.Download the Quran (Sahi International Translation): are some Famous Books on the life of prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him:1) Ar-Raheeq Al Makhtoum (The Sealed Nectar by Sheikh Safi Ur Rahman:This is an Award winning book and the best Book thus far by a Scholar of Islam on the life of prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him A Mercy to the Universe by Saeed ibn Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani:Mercy is clemency and forbearance; mercy is the disposition to forgive or show compassion; mercy means a favor or a blessing; mercy further denotes the qualities of kindness, sympathy, generosity, and beneficence. Suffice is to say that all of these qualities were present in abundance in the character of the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah have his peace and blessings on him).He was a mercy not just to believers, but to disbelievers as well Muhammad As If You Can See Him By A'id ibn 'Abdullah al-Qarni:How many times have you heard the phrase, "Would you do that if the prophet was watching?" This book challenges readers to think closely about this phrase, and describes the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the first page of the book's first chapter. In fact, the book is a message of love from a mere human being.. to the best of human beings. Written by the best-selling author of Don't be Sad and You can be the Happiest Woman in the World, Muhammad as if you can see Him is promised to have the same effect on readers as did 'Aid Al-Qarni's previous writings. more Material on Prophet Muhammad pbuh you can refer to this Link: Is...? Brief illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam: Websites:http://kalamullah.comhttp://islamicemirate.comhttp://islamqa.comhttp://AllahsQuran.com
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