Mensur Jemal, Ethiopian buisnessman would like to become president in the next 15 years.



A major supporter of Dr. Jemal said Mr Jamal wants to become president in the next 15 years. He says he does not consider himself a politician by calling social media. Expressing his love and support to Prime Minister, the Prime Minister said that the Prime Minister works for the whole country and is truly Ethiopian.

"They have to leave the country for personal and political reasons." He said he was worried about him because of his hometown and background. When asked what he would offer if he had the opportunity to become president, he said he faced poverty and hunger and promised to do whatever they could to feed and support the people of Ethiopia.




I'm a good businessman. According to Miner, and in a few years, I have the ability to serve thousands of people. He also said that he had always thought of himself as a leader and this is not a new purpose. Leadership requires knowledge and I plan to learn in the coming years. He explained how all parties should negotiate and negotiate to achieve lasting peace in the country. "By 2021, I will have an international non-governmental organization and plan to do a lot of good work for my people," he said. I hope the people understand my work but if I'm not getting the chance to be president I'm still happy with the good things I plan to do. ”

Addis Mieraf
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