Munshid Ali Amin With Ehud on EBS



Ali Amin told About "This is what Muaz is !!" He has provided adequate brotherly counsel. And many people understand this as Abbott's mistake: They had accepted Sadduce's correction and brotherly advice. But this is unsettling and frustrating, The subject of sleep, Mr. Mubarak-Dean, said: "I have an answer !!" Is reading a series of articles that you can see recently.

To the readers of Hadith's records and worldly affairs, to which the child had referred, in order to make it clear to the readers; Are labeled, But next to the speech of the apostates and the worlds, I will add his own description, which he used to refine and pretend to be his own.

Abdullah Bune Zubayer started singing and lying in his room! Then would you sing someone ?! Asked Bill! Who is there that I have not seen, when he has been seated, and sat in the hymns of the Mujahidins, singing in the songs of An Najib! He replied.


Addis Mieraf
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