Muslim Heroes rescue toddlers in a vicious dog attack.




Muslim Heroes rescue toddlers in a vicious dog attack. This took place in Birmingham when a dog suddenly attacked 2 toddlers during the day. Thankfully some people were there to help them.

Mum-of-two Nighat Khatoon, 36, stopped her BMW in St Saviour’s Road in Saltley when she saw the escaped animal maul the two and three-year-old girls as their mother screamed for help.

Dad-of-three Yaser Baig,38, kicked the frenzied dog and scooped one child into his arms while father-of-four Mohammed Zakriyya, 43, ran from his home in his socks and pulled the other to the safety of the car.

The young 3 year old girl is is currently still in hospital with serious injuries after being mauled by the dog. May Allah grant her a speedy recovery, Ameen. The other younger child has been discharged and is doing well.

Some may say why mention "Muslim Heroes" and not just "Heroes". I see in the media every time Muslims do something bad then "Muslim" is put in front of their name such as "Muslim rape gangs", "Muslim drug gangs", "Muslim terrorists", you'd think all the evil was from Muslims.



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