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The removal of the army home was a key step in the army's modernization, which was revised in a strategy document called the "Red Army in Revolutionary democracy".

As a result of this document, a young Hector who wanted to serve his country in the military, and who had a good matrix effect, would not be allowed to join the army as a candidate directly. As a result, this document has been crumpled with this document to ensure that the young officers with adequate academic knowledge are not part of the army and that the army does not produce more advanced linemen, senior officers, and general officers.

According to this document, which he has worked on so far, only a veteran soldier can be recruited into the army and trained in the army. Since many of the members who join the army in turn are relatively poor academics, it certainly has had a negative impact on the quality of the officers themselves.

And who can answer the fast-paced technological and information age of the world, in the draft document of the new "Defense Force Army Strategy" I hope it will contain recruitment and training points that recognizes military science. It is said that the document will be accessible to all citizens and I will have more to say after seeing it.

I have no doubt that the release of this old and timeless document from the army will be a bright future for the army.


Addis Mieraf
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