NOT SURE - Thousands of Danish Converts to Islam


After the caricature controversy more and more Danish have become interested in Islam and embrace it.If you want information about Islam please visit the following websites with open mind and heart: verschiedenen Sprachen:BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD, peace and blessings be upon him, in different languages: ang=engTop Scientists comment on the Quran: n.phpIf you have any questions, please go to this site: If you want to read the near meaning of the Holy Qur'an in English: downloads of Quran and authentic Hadith (Muhammad's life and teachings): oads/index.asp Here you can download a comprehensive learning guide to understanding Islam: ah=Gott?http://GottAllah.deWenn Sie mehr über den Islam wissen möchten, finden Sie hier viele Vorträge und Informationen auf Deutsch z.B. "Der Sinn des Lebens","Was ist Islam", "Ist der Koran Gotteswort?","War Jesus Muslim?" "Muslime und Bibel?" http://www.salaf.dehttp://www.diewahrheitimhe EDLE QUR'AN - Kostenlos zum downloaden: nt/De_edle_Quran.pdfWenn Sie die ungefähre Bedeutung des Korans auf Deutsch lesen wollen:
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