Our sisters call from Jeddah



May God deal with the commanders what they are suffering from so they suffer and weep.

Unless you have committed a serious crime or have been beaten by one another, the Saudi police have not broken into us, even if they have broken into us, I had a baby, and the others left me alone in a private room. Everywhere he goes, he loves to spit on hateful lies

What the heck is it is only the Ethiopians who are doing the work of slaughtering, eat and be ashamed Do not forget, neither man nor man, they forgot to come and forget to enjoy themselves.

Now that our guilt is there, I cry Saudi has honor for the girl this is the truth of our government's suffering May the Creator reach those who are suffering. If you stand up to the fact that you know you are too much, don't tell the truth. Of course, you can be a problem right now. This is what the embassy should do for the sake of the disease.

Addis Mieraf
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