PM Abiy Ahmed will make the final decision on GERD | Ethiopia



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We talked about the conflict that Ethiopia and Egypt entered into when they met a Syrian brother who came to Syria by chance.


. "Ethiopia has been away from the world's media, I've been here for two years, traveling around Addis, and taking pictures of Syria asking my relatives and saying, 'Are you really in Ethiopia?' What I saw after my arrival was "Aegib!" I think, the progress of the country, the hospitality of its people, I have been living more than one day without feeling the same way. When Egypt calls for help it shows its greed, and when Egypt asks the Muslims of the world to stand by it, I wonder if you didn't do it. But even if you don't think you know this great grace yourself, you need to make it your focus and the media attention! "


I heard him in amazement and said, "You Syrians must come to the media," he said, "We got it," and the media invited these citizens when they went out to search. I am.

Addis Mieraf
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