President Esayas Afewerk's contraversial interview



"The Renaissance Dam is planned for 93," he said. It is not for the benefit of the Ethiopian people, but for the punishment of Egypt! ” Tell us, the great scholar and Abichu's main partner, Jesus Smoke!

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I don't understand the idea of ​​punishing Egypt… It would have been better if he had said that we should punish him.

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But Jesus does not stop there. "The dam aims to harm not only Egypt but also Eritrea!" Tells us-:-D

Did Eritrea hijack the Nile without our knowledge?

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By the way, Jesus is a far-sighted Ethiopian, so maybe there is something I don't understand, so come up with "best Ethiopians" and give me knowledge.

Note: The interview took place two years ago.

Radiyoo Risaalaa
  • Abduljelil