QariYoussefTeam - Amazing Recitation by Youssef Edghouch - Al Muzzammil


This is Imam Youssef Edghouch reciting Al Muzzammil using the style of Warsh. Mashallah this young man has one of the best voices. Please rate and comment. Video recording by Ihsan Salhia.Tags:Islam Muslims Quran Recitation Amazing Wonderful Qiraath (World's Best) Surah AbdulBasset Abdul Basset Mashary IIOC IrvineMosque Irvine Mosque Masjid Mission Veijo Mosque Missionveijo Masjid Omar Al Farouk Edghouch Youssef morocco maghrib maghribe salah Young Qari group prayer Sheik Imam Leading Leader Microphone Al-A'la Al-Ghashiya Verses Raleigh Masjid Abu Bakker Masjid Irving Masjid Maroc Al-Rahman Qari Youssef Ussef Yousef Uhsef Edghouch Edaghouch Al-Muzzammil Religion Athan Salat
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